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The drama of migration in a photo exhibit at EP

27 settembre 2018

(ANSAmed) – BRUSSELS, SEPTEMBER 26 – The face of a refugee child peering out of a tent at a camp and a large group of migrants portrayed during their journey are among images at a photo exhibit – ‘Exodus, migrant routes, stories of people, arrivals, inclusion’ – promoted by the Piedmont region and organized in the offices of the European Parliament in Brussels by the MEP Daniele Viotti, a member of the Democratic Party.

”Some think that, since landings have decreased, the migration issue has been completely resolved, but it’s absolutely not like this – stressed Viotti – and the story of the Aquarius proves it, along with the fact that we don’t know what is going on in ‘concentration’ camps in southern Libya”.

Panels on display at the exhibit portray – thanks to be work of some ten photographers from Piedmont – the dramatic ordeals of migrants, their travels towards Europe, their arrival, the obstacles they face, along with inclusion. A voyage from Syria to the so-called jungle tent camp in Calais, with unique life stories.

”We must confront the migration issue knowing that it is a long story throughout the years, especially in Africa, trying to eradicate the causes of migration like poverty, hunger, draught, helping populations in these countries to grow”, continued Viotti. ”But the story must also be resolved here by welcoming, without thinking that migrations can be stopped, men have emigrated throughout their history”.

The show opened in January 2017 and reached its 20th leg in Brussels, portraying a ”current theme that can be transformed from a problem to a moment of great opportunity for our community”, added the councilor for immigration of the Piedmont region, Monica Cerutti. (ANSAmed).

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