Creativity Saves. Your creativity helps prevention

5 novembre 2018

“Creativity Saves” is the competition launched by Daniele Viotti, Member of the European Parliament, in the occasion of the World AIDS Day, celebrated on 1st December. Since when he was an activist, MEP Viotti was committed to keep the attention high on this disease. HIV/AIDS still affects many people, although communication campaigns on Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are not as many as in the past.

Not talking about HIV/AIDS does not mean to have solved the problem. Sanitary authorities keep on registering new cases, also in countries with high sanitary standards and where prevention is widespread.

Two previous campaigns by MEP Viotti became viral in the past years, as well as the message that we should celebrate December 1st all year long. Today, fake news affect the media and communications, and fears re-emerge. This is why it is important to use all possible means to talk about problems related to STDs.

MEP Viotti decided to do more. He invites everyone to use his/her* creativity for a good cause. The idea is that creativity can save lives.

It is easy to participate. You can send your graphics, slogans etc. on prevention to the address

What to send

The competition is open to all EU citizens. Creative projects have to be sent in digital format and with Creative Commons license. You can present more than one project. All projects will be published on Daniele Viotti’s website , on his Instagram profile and on the profile of the competition. Users will be able to download them for free, and share them by quoting the source. The competition is open also to projects already presented to the public.

It is possible to participate by sending one of the following items:

  • Images for Instagram [png or jpg, you can choose between: 1080×1080 – 1080×1350 – 1080×560 px]
  • Animated gif [1080×1080 px]
  • Meme [png or jpg 1080×1080 px]
  • Cards [15×10 cm]
  • Poster [70×100 cm]
  • Video [.mp4 – length: 30″ max]
  • Slogan [written text – max 140 characters with spaces]


Projects have to be sent to the email address before 12pm of 30th November 2018. You can publish your projects on you social media channels with the hashtag #creativitysaves and tagging @ DanieleViotti.  Please note that publication is not an alternative to sending the projects by email.

A jury of communication and medical experts, together with MEP Daniele Viotti and his staff, will choose the best 3 projects before 31st December 2018.

Each concept will receive a score between 0 and 10, for each of these categories: originality; effectiveness of the message; matching between content and mean of communication.

The best works will be presented at the European Parliament before May 2019, and the 3 winners will be invited to Brussels. Please note that, by participating. The names of the participants can circulate through the official website of the competition and the related social media channels. You allow Daniele Viotti to use, without compensation, the name, the bio and the contents for public disclosure. Daniele Viotti does not acquire any property rights of the projects receives. You authorise Daniele Viotti and the staff to use the necessary information and the products within the scope of the competition.

If you need further information, write to